I recently used Padlet, an online poster generator, to create an informative poster on the Citizen Science App eBird. It was really easy to use and it has a lot of great features. I can envision students using this as a replacement for any traditional poster presentation. All the information is laid out in front of you (no clicking through slides), but you can still include videos or images to enhance your poster.

Here are the highlights and my poster as an example.


  • Textboxes
  • Embed images/videos
  • Can comment on individual windows (not featured in mine)


  • The feature make it ideal for multimedia presentations
  • Easy to use without requiring a tutorial
  • You can edit and move boxes easily
  • If you share the link and edit, you can see the changes
  • Can collaborate (like a google doc you can share to view or edit)
  • If you make something small to fit into the poster it can be clicked on to view full size


  • I felt limited size wise, at least for the amount of information I needed to communicate
    • This did help me be succinct and to the point though
  • Since you have to scroll down or to the side for large posters some information could be easily missed
    • You could limit your students to fit the poster within the visible window…this would cut out excess information
  • Be careful with share settings mentioned above
  • No flexibility (that I found) with fonts besides standard bold, italics, etc. (This may be a pro if your students go crazy with a thousand fonts though)

Made with Padlet

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