Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool. You can have normal presentation slides, add questions,  ask students to draw things, and actually receive what they do! It is a really great resource and you can learn more about it from this video:


  • makes presentations interactive
  • increases engagement
  • shared easily
  • provides an alternative to PowerPoint
  • works on mobile devices or computers


  • question formatting is limited
  • slides are difficult to design in the program
  • upload slides cannot be edited
  • students need a device to interact (if they didn’t have one it essentially is just another slide show presenter)


  • Design your slideshow on powerpoint or google slides make sure they are exactly how you want them…THEN upload them.
  • If you can pay to upgrade, you will receive more features like embedding video, incorporating web content, and more questioning options.

Here is the Nearpod I created for a lesson on Biotic and Abiotic Factors.

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