Below are Environmental Stewardship activities that have been provided by other teachers…These project are great steps to get students practicing environmental stewardship. Don’t forget the other components for initiating life long action though (which I wrote about here). Note: I will continually update this page as teachers share ideas with me…what are you doing in your class?

Water Conservation

lesson activities on water conservation and other topics“I do a water conservation project where
students first monitor their water use for one week. The second week, they try to reduce their use by one-third and project how much their families could save if each member followed their plan.” -Yolanda Moreland, Environmental Science and Biology Teacher


lesson activities on pollution, waste management, and other topics“Encourage recycling; encourage to use reusable water bottles instead of throwing away plastic ones, not using Styrofoam cups…Our school does a “Campus Beautification” where a different class takes a week and cleans up a section of campus.” -Meri Caryl Biology Teacher

“Other than talking about it all the time and setting an example in my class I show “The Human Footprint ” in my class over the course of two days. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s pretty good. I have  developed a worksheet to go with it, and a class discussion and a writing assignment.” -Monika Nielson 9th Grade Science Teacher

Raising Awareness

lesson activities for raising awareness and other topics“The assignment is to create a pitch to the TV show “Survivor”
to come and host a season in a specific biome. As part of the pitch, the ecological concerns and solutions need to be spelled out and the students get to create a scene for the last minute of the episode detailing how the viewers can get involved in the sustainability of that biome. I had students make posters or design websites to present with. Some of the websites even had direct links to write your congressman to lobby on behalf of their selected biomes.” -Kevin Powell 9th Grade Science Teacher

“Students […] compare the Exxon Valdez oil spill with the one in the Gulf of Mexico.  We analyze different remediation techniques, including bio-remediation. “- Monika Nielson 9th Grade Science Teacher

Thank you for visiting, and reading, please comment below and share:

  • In what ways are you already teaching environmental stewardship?

Don’t forget to check out ways to inspire action here. References can be found here.

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