“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” -Harry Truman

This is true in so many areas of life. It can be easy to avoid action in the name of perfection: perfect timing, perfect execution, perfect support…. If we accept the idea that perfection was never a requirement we can find the courage to try new things, push limits, and take steps (even the smallest ones) with less hesitation.

This site is about my experiments in the classroom with inquiry, sustainability, grading, and technology…You can learn from my mistakes and be inspired to take your own imperfect action.

I am a science teacher who is passionate about inquiry, technology, teaching and nature. I have been teaching since 2008 in Mesa, Arizona. I am certified (and have experience teaching) Biology, Chemistry, Research, and General Science at the secondary level.

Since I teach in Arizona I may reference Arizona standards in my resources, but will try and incorporate NGSS whenever possible to help non Arizonan teachers.

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