Environmental Stewardship Activities

Below are Environmental Stewardship activities that have been provided by other teachers...These project are great steps to get students practicing environmental stewardship. Don't forget the other components for¬†initiating life long action though (which I wrote about here). Note: I will continually update this page as teachers share ideas with me...what are you doing in your … Continue reading Environmental Stewardship Activities

Lesson Idea: Reducing the Impact of Humans Altering Habitats

If you haven't read inspiring action read that first...this will make more sense. Lesson Context: Our world is a magnificent and beautiful place. Nature offers numerous resources that help our world thrive and adapt. Altering habitats can diminish the quantity and ability of these resources to flourish. Habitats are altered in many ways, some natural … Continue reading Lesson Idea: Reducing the Impact of Humans Altering Habitats

Inspiring Action

A proposed method for inspiring action: Conservation and environmental stewardship are important topics to bring up in traditional science classes. Many of you are already taking steps to make students aware of environmental concerns. This is really exciting to me. I hope I can add a little to help foster this and help you move … Continue reading Inspiring Action